Robotic Process Automation of DT Professional Services

Robotic Process Automation

Almost 95% of the projects at DT Professional Services have used artificial intelligence. Whether it was in QA of an application, avoiding regulatory and ethical issues or using data to deliver the most optimal value, we continually expand our automation capabilities for our clients. We have created AI-enhanced automations to identify new opportunities, reduce costs and improve productivity. Being data driven, DT can accelerate decision making and decrease the risk of error with our experienced team in many aspects of Artificial Intelligence. We have applied AI throughout our organization and can help your organization with improving or developing a new solution for your organizational needs.

DT Professional Services offers Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data analytics, Natural language processing and computer vision solutions


AI has begun to transform the way in which organizations function and is a broad term that has various components. We can offer:

  •  Machine Learning - We build models that can make predictions from data by learning its patterns which can help your organization make important decisions with facts.
  •  Deep Learning - Neural networks provide a more robust and sometimes better performing prediction model that will outperform some machine learning models.
  •  Natural Language Processing - We make programs that can understand human language whether written or spoken; for example, machine translation, chat bots, sentiment analysis and information extraction.
  •  Computer Vision - Our programs can interpret images and video so a machine can identify components of an image and process it without human interaction.
  •  Data Analytics - We can help you make sense of your data, extract, clean and draw insights from quantitative and qualitative big data.

DT Professional Services has utilized Robotic Process Automation to support the digital transformation of many of our clients. We ensure the process is efficiently built, easy to update and deploy and manages your software with accuracy, security and scalability. We can help you transform how your business communicates with your clients and how internal processes can be improved with automation and data predictions. We aim to make these projects as simple as we can and train your organization to gain the most value from your data.

    Let us help your organization utilize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence that can make a significant impact on your organization. As AI proliferates, these technologies are becoming imperative to maintaining that competitive edge. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist your organization.

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