Cybersecurity of DT Professional Services


At DT Professional Services, network architecture is designed with security and privacy in mind. We implement cyber-security and Information Assurance (IA) best-practices to protect our network/applications/services from potential threats. We also employ rigorous and continuous penetration testing to prevent systems from external attacks. Additionally, we conduct regular phishing education programs to educate our employees on the dangers of phishing and how to avoid them. Employees also partake in Annual Cyber Security Training. This helps to ensure that our employees are well-educated and informed about the threats posed by cyber attackers and can take the necessary steps to protect themselves and our data. We use advanced security protocols to protect both our employees and our clients, and we also employ encryption techniques to ensure that all of our data is secure.

    Furthermore, DT Pro has a lot of experience adhering to DoD instructions and policies for cybersecurity policy and approval. The current published DoD standard process is RMF. Our Information Assurance (IA) Engineers develop an IA Strategy and create RMF authorization packages. Our IA Engineers also provide RMF validation support services and ATO maintenance for the entire range of information systems. Our IA (now referred to as cybersecurity) and accreditation experience with these systems extends from their initial and current accreditations, systems engineering, risk assessment and mitigation, and security system administration to system security engineering support. DT Pro consistently represents our customers for all cybersecurity audits and security inspections. Monthly security scanning and Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) along with other usable information regarding cybersecurity postures are shared with our customers to help identify areas of concern that should be addressed in the preparation for auditing.

    • ISO 27001:2013
    • CMMC (in-process)

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    Certifications and Contracting Vehicles


    Our certifications and contracting vehicles are a testament to our dedication in providing the highest level of service and security to our clients.