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Professional Services

At DT Professional Services, we actively work with the customer to create solutions in accordance with their specific requirements. These custom solutions increase efficiencies between organizational units, integrate modern technologies and regulations into everyday operations, and ensure all activities are performed in a secure and customer-centric manner. Our team includes experts in program, project, and product management, IT analysis and modernization, cloud change management, communications, management consulting support and reporting. Our project and product management is centralized and spans across all teams, establishing an organization and having support structures in place to deliver customer centric Professional Services engagement.

Professional Services Task Areas

What do we offer to help you succeed?

  •  Product Vision definition and planning
  •  Product Roadmap development
  •  Product/Solution initiation
  •  Sprint Planning
  •  Sprint Execution — Development/Testing
  •  Sprint Execution — User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  •  Sprint Execution — Debt Reduction
  •  Sprint Execution — Task Management
  •  Integration and release planning
  •  Integration and execution
  •  Progress tracking
  •  MVP release to production
  •  MVP training and knowledge transfer
  •  Refactoring

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Certifications and Contracting Vehicles


Our certifications and contracting vehicles are a testament to our dedication in providing the highest level of service and security to our clients.