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Cloud Operations

Cloud Computing has become a unique way to deliver IT resources and is becoming influential in keeping organizations competitive, secure and productive. At DT Professional Services, we understand how cloud computing, especially AWS GovCloud, is making a huge impact on users, developers, information access of organizations, application design/development/implementation and managing costs and infrastructure. It is becoming the means to elevate your organization to the next level with improvements in platform efficiencies, operational flexibility and organization scalability. While many organizations realize the benefits of the cloud, the perceived hurdles of adopting cloud operations can be intimidating and unapproachable. The complexity of cloud architecture alongside the residual concerns about security, stability and performance, can leave the enterprise wondering if a complete cloud migration is feasible or not. We offer highly certified and award winning cloud services to help educate our clients while working with them to train their employees and tailor custom solutions to their organizational needs. Whether your organization is planning on migrating data to a Cloud environment or developing from the start on the Cloud, our experience and expertise can meet your highest expectations.

DT Professional Services has cloud solutions that will fit your organizational needs


  •  As a partner with AWS, we have the experience to migrate, secure and maintain your data in the AWS GovCloud.
  •  Migrate your current data to the cloud for security, efficiency, performance and affordability.
  •  Obtain an assessment and get advised on your ROI/business case of cloud migration to develop a strategy for your upcoming data migration.
  •  Ensure your organization can manage, maintain and benefit the end user by optimizing your cloud operations.
  •  Support your cloud operations with secure and compliant solutions; Whether by internal or regulatory requirements, we can deliver a solution that does not settle for feature limitations.
  •  Detailed visibility with security monitoring, response strategies and automated deployments of security guards.

At DT Professional Services, we have a breadth of experience with technologies and policies used to protect your data and applications in the cloud in addition to utilizing solutions to protect your organization’s infrastructure from cyber attacks or threats. Our certified professionals providing cloud security solutions, use a variety of methods such as firewalls, pen testing, tokenization, VPN’s and obfuscation to tailor a solution based on the organizational demands.

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Our certifications and contracting vehicles are a testament to our dedication in providing the highest level of service and security to our clients.