Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Industry leaders in developing mobile web and native application development. We design, strategize & build end-to-end mobility solutions.

Consumers of all ages are embracing the opportunity to find information and connect wherever they are — at home, in the car, while shopping, and during many other aspects of their daily lives. This means the emergence of the “always addressable” customer — a large and growing audience that demands value. Always addressable customers are a vital part of your audience today and will be the majority tomorrow. Therefore, in this era of pervasive connectivity; understanding the always-addressable customer is the key to future success.
Empowered customers are disruptors; and information mastery can’t save you. In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement. Moreover, we have designed and developed a proprietary mobile platform that enables us to provide mobile software as a service (mSaaS) (both mobile web and native mobile applications) that makes data organically accessible from smartphones and tablets, improves content and data availability, to our clients. To increase local receptiveness (e.g. for distributed offices) we deliver data and content synchronization and replication solutions. Our suite of over 120 fully customizable & configurable modules, mobilizes your legacy and existing applications, in addition to providing a view with hierarchical access for supervisors to manage and monitor all underlying assets and analytics respectively. Specialized modules and functionality have been built to address the distinct requirements of each industry, enabling the platform to be used as an equipment or software. Additionally, our device agnostic approach maintains great usability standards on iOS (Apple), Android, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry OS platforms.
While the breadth of our mSaaS platform makes it a true end-to-end solution, its in-built workflow engine allows for unprecedented operational flexibility. The system can wrap itself around the unique decision-making processes, including configuration of automated workflows. This enables tight control over security and facilitates the continuous fine-tuning of each activity, based on metrics-driven feedback, increasing efficiency and productivity. We take pride in providing our clients with actionable intelligence in real-time via our mobile solutions!
Mobile web clients for existing web services and portals
Native mobile applications
We design, strategize & build end-to-end mobility solutions

Project Spotlight

DT won a contract by a premier health services start-up to build & maintain an android and iOS app for doctors to manage and maintain Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for all its patients. The purpose of this application is to provide on the go access to Doctors for all their patients medical history.


As part of the overall project, we had to build a simple User Interface with high level security to encrypt the patient’s medical data from unauthorized access. We also had to conform to stringent HIPPA regulations. Design concepts included building a wizard based approach, wherein the doctor can manage the entire clinic, while giving limited access to patient records to its staff for scheduling and to perform other administrative functions. Some of the features include:


A highly scale-able and dynamic system that is being used and downloaded by several thousands of users on a daily basis.