Social Media Management

Our highly knowledgeable associates, empower organizations to execute constituent strategies in this social media era. Our versatile approach supports a thriving ecosystem of various technology integrations, compliance considerations, allowing organizations to embrace social media into existing systems and programs. We help organizations develop meaningful relationships with their constituents and draw actionable insights from social media data. Innovating since day one, we continue to help pioneer the social media landscape and accelerate their success through education and professional services.

Our award winning and Guinness record holding team has consistently dominated the Social Media marketplace by developing innovate and customized solutions for our clients.

Project Spotlight

DT was recently contracted by a large financial services company to help assess, define and build an advanced marketing automation system that will increase efficiency while enabling more granular targeting via a compliant system, for all it’s Social Media online campaigns.

 Built integrations with various internal databases in real-time

 Integrated 3rd party tools for aggregation and ease of use

 Enabled scheduling and automatic posting of content
on various Social Media platforms

 Defined work-flows to route all content through legal &
compliance, prior to it getting posted

 Enabled consistent brand presence and
messaging across various Social Media platforms

 Introduced several milestone driven lead
paths for various customer segments

 Enabled automatic lead nurturing and recycling