eCommerce Development

DT’s  eCommerce Services are designed by experts that have deep knowledge of the latest trends and modern techniques to equip businesses with latest ecommerce tools.  We partner with various eCommerce platforms to build you a state-of-the-art eCommerce that will suffice your current and future needs. Our approach to eCommerce streamlines not only speed up the transaction process for your customers but also encourage them to spend freely and securely on your  website. We develop a seamless backed system that integrates with your eCommerce marketing needs, making it easy for you to execute the changes while tracking your marketing dollars. As a result, you can reduce business overheads as well as dedicate more timein growing your  business.

Project Spotlight

DT is contract by a premier hair-care products provider to develop a unique algorithmic-based eCommerce storefront for its highly personalized products.


As part of this project we were required to build an interview process to assess the visitor’s hair care needs based on 57 variables, such as local climate, scalp health etc. Additionally, we were required to cross & up-sell the visitors based on best-matched hair accessories offered by our client.

 Built an online store with all these
customization in record time of less than 60 days

 Built a recurring model for the customers to
receive automatic bi-monthly shipments of their favorite products

 Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool was integrated
for automating and ease-of-use for managing and maintaining
a highly satisfied customer base.

 Integrated several 3rd party services to manage everything from automated recurring billing, email campaigns, fetch-back & social media marketing.